Fake Pastor Craig Cobb

Be very careful about this man talk about wolves in sheep clothing, he’s a fake pastor having women in his own church and getting  women pregnant from his ministry. More to come on this man follow him on his twitter   Now he’s writing books to get your money check this out but be careful he calls his selves DR.

About Dr. Craig Cobb
Dr. Craig L. Cobb is a dynamic author, preacher, and teacher who carry a passion for worship, intercession, teaching and writing.  Dr. Cobb has the heart of an evangelist and a passion for pulling those out of darkness and into the marvelous light by sharing the gospel by teaching revelatory truths from the bible, accompanied by vibrant moves of the Holy Spirit. The majority of his leadership development focuses on three markets: Christian leaders, business leaders and up-and-coming leaders who are desirous of making a world impact one person at a time.
          A native of East Chicago, Indiana Dr. Cobb moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1992 hoping and seeking to find one thing while running from the Lord. On December 3, 1992, he finally gave into the call of God on his life while in a practically abandoned building on 29th & Wells Street. The glory and POWER of God was so strong in the building that it knocked him on his knees and he was temporarily blinded until he said, “YES” to God. Dr. Cobb has been preaching the gospel ever since and understands first-hand God’s saving and keeping power.
          Dr. Cobb began his ministerial training at American Baptist College, where he graduated in three years in 1996. He received a B.A. degree in Biblical Studies & Business Administration with a minor in Psychology. He attended Dallas Theological Seminary (Dallas, TX) in pursuit of his (M. DIV). He completed his (D.DIV.) from Tabernacle Bible College (Tampa, FL) in 2012.  After pastoring for 8 years in Mesquite, Texas, Dr. Cobb now serves as an instructor at “Full Counsel Bible College” in Little Rock, AR.  He is also responsible for leadership development for over 6 locations throughout Central Arkansas under the leadership of Bishop Silas & Dr. Jennifer Johnson.
          Dr. Cobb is the Founder/President of “Kingdom Impact International.”  It is a ministry designed to help impact humanity by advancing the Kingdom of God, developing Christian leaders, empowering business principals and training believers in the word of God, through workshops, prayer, mentorship programs and resources that meet the needs of the people and the community. Dr. Cobb is committed to “advancing the Kingdom of God one soul, one pastor and one church at a time.”
          Prompted by a visit to the White House and a meeting with “Nancy Pelozzi” in March 2010 with a delegation of 16 other pastors, Dr. Cobb became the Founder/President of YEP (Youth Empowered to Prosper). It is an entrepreneurial foundation for inner-city youth; teaching them business principles while breaking generational curses of poverty.
          Dr. Cobb is the Founder/President of KISOM (Kingdom Impact School of Ministry).  It is an online ministry training school empowering believers & Christian leaders on diverse topics.
          Dr. Cobb just released his new book “Born in Royalty.”  It has made such a great impact on the Kingdom of God, that he has now added an 8-week small group Bible Study Course that is impacting lives worldwide teaching a true awareness of who you are IN Christ.  His new book “Live and Not Die” is set to be released before the end of 2013.

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