Bishop Eddie Long Has The Best Legal Team Tithes Can Buy

Bishop Eddie Long Has The Best Legal Team Tithes Can Buy

New Orleans, Louisiana – If the accusers in the Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal thought this was going to be a walk in the park, they are in for a rude awaking. Bishop Eddie Long, who earns more money than most of the Pastors in this country, has placed the financial strength of his ministry behind the defense of his name and the reputation of his church.
Bishop Eddie Long has just added Famed Private Investigator T.J. Ward to his legal team which sent a very clear message to his accusers that the spiritual warfare fistfight is just beginning.
The advantage Bishop Eddie Longs has over Attorney B J Bernstein is every week his bank account will grow and swell due to the nonstop flow of Tithes and Offerings. Bishop Eddie Long’s Church has over 25,000 active members, some of whom are extremely wealthy. Therefore, the stage is now set for a very intense civil battle that may see the accusers finding themselves on the defense.
No one really knows how much money Bishop Eddie Long collects in Tithes and Offerings each week but if we were to apply some basic math to this question using an estimated donation of $10 per member, then you can clearly see why Bishop Long appears very determined to fight these allegations.

If 25,000 members were to give an average donation of $10 (please keep in mind many of Bishop Long’s members contribute 10% of their income) then it is estimated that that both services per week are bringing in close to $500,000 in tax free cash to fight the accusations made by the four men in question.
The money collected by Mega Churches is staggering when compared to many small business and corporations who never see weekly cash flows anywhere close to those of ministries like New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta. It is this sort of cash generating power that has started a new movement called “The Church Folk Revolution.”
The Church Folk Revolution is a grassroots movement that is demanding that ministries give 2/3 of their weekly collections back to the communities where their members reside. The Church Folk Revolution believes that Pastors are using donations made to the church for their own personal gain, while members of the congregation lose their homes to foreclosure.
Whether or not many Mega Ministries will subscribe to the demands of the Church Folk Revolution is unclear. The one thing that is for certain is the Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal has definitely attracted a lot of attention to the earning power of Prosperity Preachers.
It’s no wonder that attorney Bernstein took her claim to the media only days after signing on as legal counsel for the accusers, with pockets as long as the Bishop’s she will need all the help she can get. 

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