FAKE: Bishop Robbie Calkins


Bishop Robbie Calkins – Seed of Faith Ministries – Kansas City, MO

Are you serious, He called his self a BISHOP HE NEED Jesus for Real!!!!

Check out their Facebook 

“Pastor Robbie Calkins started Seed of Faith Ministries in Kansas City, MO with his wife in Feb of this year 2010. He left his church, his wife and family and job when he rediscovered his ex high school sweetheart Cheryl Littlejohn on Facebook and moved to Arlington, TX where she lived and is living in sin with her and her children. Pastor Robbie and his mistress are all over facebook flaunting on his page and her page proclaiming to be husband and wife and he is STILL married to his current wife. His mistress Cheryl Littlejohn is calling herself Madame 1st Lady Cheryl Littlejohn-Calkins and her children have started using the name Calkins as well. It is well-known that Pastor Robbie has had numerous affairs while being married to his wife the Apostle. Our hearts really go out to his CURRENT and REAL wife Apostle Sharon Calkins, a well respected woman of class, who is truly a woman of God and their children. We know that she has been humiliated and embarrassed by this negative situation but she continues to carry herself with dignity. She has made no negative public comments on this horrible nightmare and has continued on with the ministry. Pastor Robbie is a disgrace to the ministry and anyone who goes under him needs to have their heads examined. This man who is a false prophet is all over Facebook giving people scriptural advice AND is calling himself PASTOR and doesn’t even have a church so how are him as his mistress Pastor and 1st lady of what???? Facebook names: His : Pastor Robbie Calkins / Mistress/Hers: Cheryl Littlejohn People of Arlington, TX stay away from this fake preacher and his Jezebel.”



One thought on “FAKE: Bishop Robbie Calkins

  1. His drivers license was suspended in July of 2013 for back child support in which he owes over 12,000.00. This low life didn’t even come to th hospital when his youngest daughter had surgery last year. He had not seen his two daughters in years while he plays daddy to his new family where he now lives and so call preaches in the Arlington Texas área. What a disgrace!!!! This Is NO Man of God.

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