FAKE Pastor Darrell Wayne Blair of Kirk Franklin & The Family Has Been Arrested For Rape

Are you kidding me RAPE and he’s a Pastor…FAKE
PimpPreacher.com Fortworth Texas Bureau 
Darrell Wayne Blair, pastor at New Breed Christian Center in Fort Worth and former member of Kirk Franklin & The Family, was arrested Monday and booked into the Crowley Jail, on charges of sexual assault.
According to a Crowley Police report, a warrant was issued for his arrest Monday morning and around 4 p.m. Monday afternoon Blair, joined by his attorney, voluntarily turned himself into police where he was arrested and booked into jail.
He immediately posted bond and was released. According the the police report, one of the alleged incidents took place in May 2000 at a residence in Crowley. The report states that Blair allegedly entered the victim’s bedroom when she was asleep, woke her up and allegedly assaulted her.
Pastor Darrell Wayne Blair 
New Breed Christian Center
According to the Crowley Star Newspaper and the Crowley Police Department.
On another occasion, the report states the teenage girl was allegedly assaulted in a vehicle, and allegedly assaulted a third time in a home. The report also states that the victim, “did not want to report the incident until now due to Darrell owning a gun and she was in fear of retaliation.”
According to the report, the victim confided in a person at the time of the alleged assaults, and police were able to find that person, and the person “had intimate knowledge of [redacted] and the sexual abuse she suffered.”
According to the church’s website, www.newbreedchristian.com, Blair is an anointed minister and gospel-recording artist and he founded New Breed Christian Church with his spouse.
He holds a degree in business administration and he is currently studying at the Southern Bible Institute in Dallas.
Many of you may remember Darrell Balir from the gospel scene, more famously with Kirk Franklin & The Family where he was a featured solo vocalist. 

Here are some comments;

  • People are sooooo freakin’ stupid to trust their kids with kooks that start these fly by night churches. Just because they call themselves pastor, minister or even christian doesn’t mean squat. Tons of freaks cloak themselves in these labels. String him up by his balls.

  • They love him despite the child he raped – they love him despite the lies he preach – as long as he can preach and sing they will always love him. Like a Whitney Houston song gone wrong, they will always love him. Hide your kids, hide your wife, because there is a rapist in the pulpit.

    These men are like the fig tree, perpetrating a fraud, even Jesus had to get close to the tree to notice that it was not bearing any fruit. these pastors are bringing everyone in their family and congregation under a curse, that’s why christian are withering on the pews. It’s time to seek the favor of God and not men. That’s why God said judgement will start at the church first, when His fury is the hottest.


3 thoughts on “FAKE Pastor Darrell Wayne Blair of Kirk Franklin & The Family Has Been Arrested For Rape

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