Pastor Andrew J. Rollinson How to Steal A Church In 3 Years?

ImagePastor Andrew J. Rollinson
How to Steal A Church In 3 Years?
The Members At Morning Star Baptist Church Hired Him – Then He Fired Them! Charlotte Bureau 07/13/2013
Attention all business owners and supervisors! Imagine for one moment that you have just hired an employee, gave them the keys to your business, and then later discovered that the same employee had changed all of the locks at your place of business. Not only has he changed the locks, but he has also hired a police detail to keep you out of your own business. What actions would you take to redeem your property?
This is the best way to describe what has taken place at Morning Star Baptist Church in Charlotte North Carolina.

When the congregation of 150 hired Pastor Andrew J. Rollinson, even they now regretfully admit that a complete investigation of his back ground wasn’t fully conducted. Shortly after signing a 3-5 year contract with Pastor Rollinson, the governing board of Morning Star Baptist discovered some very horrible facts about their new pastor from a previous church.
Once full disclosure of Pastor Rollinson’s background was made public to the board members: a few board members still decided to give Rollinson an opportunity to prove the accusations wrong. That decision not to fire Pastor Rollinson has had devastating consequences. In only three short months Pastor Rollinson has managed to replace the entire board that hired him, with his own appointees!
Straight from the Pews of Morning Star Baptist Church:
“This pastor was hired as pastor at the church about 3 years ago. During that time he has removed every person from position that has opposed him. When I say opposed him meaning substantial raises, additional money above and beyond his salary, control over the checkbook, and all programs.

In the 3 years he has been there he has fired 3 administrators, stripped and removed 6 trustees, Chairman of the deacon board, all those who were authorized to sign checks (because they would not right him checks). After the membership came together to confront Pastor Rollinson for answers on the church finances, he went to the police station and got restraining orders against everyone who signed a petition seeking answers to what is going on with the church money.

The Grandmother of the founding family started this church 60 years ago in her living room, and he has now banned all of them from attending services. This has always been the family’s home church, and now they are not allowed to attend. He now has control over the churches finances and has tried to get the deed of the church switched to his name. 

Every Sunday he has a hired Charlotte-Mecklenburg Deputy sheriff parked and providing security for anyone he banned from the church.

This is not the 1st time he has attempted this. He was pastor of Mount Dowell Baptist Church 4717 Chester Highway in McConnells, SC 29726. He attempted this same thing, but could not pull it off. For more information please call the daughter of the founder of Morning Star – phone number attached. Her son was Chairman of the Deacon board before being banished from the church. Pastor Rollinson has appointed all new deacons trustees and officers, of which many of them do not know the full scope of this man.”


Lacing Up The Gloves
In a conversation with several members of the congregation they also informed us that they are contesting the manner in which the police department took sides in this dispute. The on the spot decisions of the arriving police officers has resulted in the governing members of the church getting locked out of their own facility, thus clearing the way for Pastor Rollinson to seize their property. has also discovered that two of the governing members’ names are still on the deed to the property, which raises more question as to why these members were locked out of their church?
It is also important to mention that the church is completely debt free and owns a total of five lots of property. The concern of the ousted members is that Pastor Rollinson will now try to take out loans and unauthorized mortgages on properties that the church has owned free and clear for over 40 years.
When Pastor Rollinson was hired his initial salary was $450 a week – within a year and a half he had managed to convince the members to increase that salary to $800 per Sunday. Prior to the governing board being removed from the facility Pastor Rollinson also asked the church for $2500 needed for a down payment on a new car, and members of the board agreed. The pastor then purchased a Lexus from Carmax  – which a few of the members now believe he use the credit rating of the church to purchase a car for his personal use.
We called Pastor Rollinson to ask him about the concerns expressed to us by the members of Morning Star, and why he refuses to hand over the church, but he referred us to his attorney saying.

“If anything is said about me that is not true then you will hear from my attorney – I have no comment.” 

Deacon Jackie Black (the gentlemen dressed in the white standing across from the church in the above photo) says the final straw for him was the last three sermons preached in April 2013 – which were all very disrespectful to the members.
“When this pastor came to us he was in financial hardship and the church assisted him way beyond his salary financially. Then he made moves to go around us to get to the finances of the church and attempted to sit me down for 6-8 weeks. When I refused to give him all of my keys to the church he called the police on me. This man is a dictator.”

A Tribute To The Senior Mothers Of Morning Star Baptist Church 

Recently Morning Star Baptist Church reached a 60 year milestone for their congregation so they wanted to have a major celebration to acknowledge a few the founding families & Senior Mothers. Due to the hostile atmosphere at the church, a few of the members still remain very disappointed in how Pastor Rollinson handled the entire event.
Listed below is a tribute to a few of the Senior Mothers of Morning Star Baptist who have been either banned by Pastor Rollinson or their families have opted to limit their attendance due to the presence of police officers posted at the entrance of the church.
Mother Brown 

Mother Barrino

Mother Brewer

Mother Little

Sister Harvin

Mother Simmons

The Johnson Family 

It is also important to note that we reached out to Pastor Rollinsons previous church where he served briefly as Pastor, but due to the weekend we were unable to reach someone in the front office. We did however manage to find a “Get Rich Quick” website the pastor is promoting. The language on the site says the following
“How to turn $88 usd into $1,000,000 usd in 24 months. Learn about our amazing “Power of 1″ marketing process! Earn $47,508.00 with your $14.97 subscription…”  See a caption of the site below.

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