Pastor arrested for dealing drugs said he is doing the lords work do drugs bring clients to closer to GOD?

An Arizona pastor facing charges for peddling heroin, meth, and other drugs said he was only doing the Lord’s work.Mark Derksen, 63, of Fountain Hills admitted to police that he served up to 30 clients a day, occasionally giving his product away for free to convert potential users.

Deputies purchased drugs from Derksen while undercover, two years after receiving a tip the pastor was selling, according to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

A pastor with the now-closed Faith Mountain Christian Church, Derksen remained active in youth ministry and regularly visited nursing homes.

He told deputies that his drugs brought clients ‘closer to God.’

Deputies arrested Mark Derksen of Fountain Hills, and say he was selling heroin, meth and prescription drugs to people of all ages.

As a pastor, Derksen, 63, worked with youth groups and senior citizens.

  • 2 weeks ago



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